Buying a business can be an exciting and rewarding experience.
The rewards of being your own boss are numerous.
Buying an ongoing business rather than starting a business from scratch can be much more advantageous.

To successfully acquire an ongoing business you should assemble a team of experts to provide you the best professional guidance.

What Boss Group International can do for you.

Boss Group International, the premier Florida business broker, can assist you in buying a Florida based business.

  • Boss Group International, the premier Florida business broker, can assist you in buying a Florida based business.
  • The services of our Florida Business Brokers are free, to you as the buyer.

Florida business brokers are typically compensated the way that residential real estate agents are. The seller pays the listing agent and the listing agent pays the selling (Buyer’s side) agent. Why would you not use a premier Florida business broker if the services are free, to you the buyer?


Boss Florida Business Brokers will:

  • Work with you to set clear objectives with regard to what you want from the business you will eventually purchase.
  • Perform a free Buyer Analysis evaluating your experience, interests, education, talents, strengths and weaknesses to determine what type of business you may want to consider.
  • Assist you with creating a Buyer Package so that other brokers and sellers will take you seriously as a buyer.
  • Present you with currently marketed business ventures that are available to the public as well as Boss Group’s exclusive business opportunities.
  • Provide our personal contacts, professional database and a wealth of experience in order to present you with an inclusive list of businesses for sale in Florida.
  • Reach out to business owners on your behalf in order to find your ideal business opportunity in the event that there are no currently marketed businesses which meet your personal criteria.
  • Help you to sort through the many opportunities available and to narrow down the type of business that is right for you.
  • Gather and organize additional information on the businesses in which you are interested. As business brokers we can usually access preliminary information more quickly than buyers who attempt to acquire information on individual businesses on their own.
  • Assist in the preparation of purchase contracts
  • Offer professional negotiation of the purchase on your behalf to help you obtain your new business at the best possible price.
  • Remain available post-closing to assist you with any outstanding issues or needs.
  • Help ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.
The Group EdgeUnlike other Florida business brokers, Boss Group International has a group approach, with several exceptionally talented individuals working together as a team to sell businesses. When you work with us, you will be assigned to a “Buyer Specialist,” who will act as your direct liaison. This team approach will allow your “Buyer Specialist” to focus his/her energy on the activities that will assist you in buying a Florida business.



Search the Database that Professional Florida Business Brokers Use:


Search over 3,000 Florida businesses for sale using the databas that nearly all professional Florida business brokers and intermediaries use as their main source for finding Florida businesses for sale for their buyers. Simply put, this database is used by professional Florida business brokers because it is the largest, most up-to-date and accurate Florida business for sale database.




Jim Parker

James Parker
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Lic. Real Estate Broker

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur or Aspiring Business Owner:

On behalf of everyone at Boss Group International, I would like to thank you for visiting us. We have provided a wealth of information on our website so you can better understand the process of buying or selling a Florida business.


You may want to see what businesses are currently for sale in Florida. We have provided you a direct link to the database of businesses for sale that professional Florida business brokers use to search for their buyers. Please take a look at this incredible database.


If you are interested in buying or selling a Florida business, contact us today so we can discuss the possibilities. As professional Florida business brokers, our conversation will remain confidential.


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